Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week One Completed!

so today should be day 8 of my bootcamp, however day 6 i failed to move thus today is day 7!

the workouts are getting harder.

Day 5-I started sweating at PBS and was drenched by the end. I felt myself push my knees out by rotating from my hips ball joints, I ::think:: I was pushing heels/ball joints into the floor. I was able to pull my shoulder blades completely back for the arms sequence/lat activation and I had complete control with a graceful toe-heel placement for Torso Twist.

Day 6- nadaaaa

Day 7- I didn't start sweating until T-Tapp Twist, I felt strong in the beginning, but that lost day caught up and I was back to being fatigued earlier in the workout. I could not balance for Torso Twist to the extent I only did four reps each side and it was scary all over the place.

 Day 8/Workout 7!- I can not motivate myself to workout by a decent hour....its 5:30...guess I should just force myself and see what happens! Later.....started sweating by Reach Scoops. Felt a strong hip rotation during Plies and was really focusing on keeping my butt tucked this workout- because it is so sore I can really feeeeeel it. Lunges made me realize how sore my legs are. Getting my knee up was easier for Thread the Needle than yesterday. I was a little wobbly for Torso Twist but realized half way through find balance is in the lats, not the tuck butt-this helped. All in all not so bad:)

 until tomorrow...

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