Thursday, July 28, 2011

kickin my bum!

Day 14- off

Day 15- Lady Bug Standing (40 minutes) only skipped half of airplanes and walked girls once around park and then around neighborhood. and last butt not least DIVA DERRIERE!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

slight change of plans

day 10- 15 Minute Basic Workout from memory

Day 11 and 12 OFF

Day 13- Lady Bug Basic (20 min) + T-Tapp Broom (20-25 min) + Diva Derriere

and now taking the puppies for two laps around altura park

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 8!

I have my work review today so i'm semi limting my workout . I completed first 15 plus Lunges (less drop lunges) Balance (less Puppet Pulls), Thread the Needle, Runners Stretch, and Hoe Downs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week One Completed!

so today should be day 8 of my bootcamp, however day 6 i failed to move thus today is day 7!

the workouts are getting harder.

Day 5-I started sweating at PBS and was drenched by the end. I felt myself push my knees out by rotating from my hips ball joints, I ::think:: I was pushing heels/ball joints into the floor. I was able to pull my shoulder blades completely back for the arms sequence/lat activation and I had complete control with a graceful toe-heel placement for Torso Twist.

Day 6- nadaaaa

Day 7- I didn't start sweating until T-Tapp Twist, I felt strong in the beginning, but that lost day caught up and I was back to being fatigued earlier in the workout. I could not balance for Torso Twist to the extent I only did four reps each side and it was scary all over the place.

 Day 8/Workout 7!- I can not motivate myself to workout by a decent hour....its 5:30...guess I should just force myself and see what happens! Later.....started sweating by Reach Scoops. Felt a strong hip rotation during Plies and was really focusing on keeping my butt tucked this workout- because it is so sore I can really feeeeeel it. Lunges made me realize how sore my legs are. Getting my knee up was easier for Thread the Needle than yesterday. I was a little wobbly for Torso Twist but realized half way through find balance is in the lats, not the tuck butt-this helped. All in all not so bad:)

 until tomorrow...

Friday, July 15, 2011

creating motivation

i refuse to go into all my failed attempts to take the reins of my health, this is not what this is new chapter is all about. i've come to the realization that i am so tired of not being able to do things i used to with ease and i have been taking baby steps.

the past few months i've tried to skin brush every time i shower.this ritual manually stimulates my lymph system to release toxins, breaks down cellulite, increases skin elasticity, and exfoliates. not to mention, was a reminder that i should workout lol. then, the past few weeks i've started including a few 15 minute T-Tapp Basic Plus Workouts into my week. Finally, Wednesday I started a fourteen day bootcamp, meaning I will do the 52 minute T-Tapp Total workout consecutively for two weeks!

i created a neat and organized table to check off my progress and it really feels like i should be collecting gold stars like a little kid:)

i felt really strong the first two workouts, but today i felt kinetic awareness in my thighs for the first time and kept a deeper bend and tick butt. also, I FEEL MY LATS!! i really really really have been waiting for that control of my shoulders because now i can pull my shoulder blades completely back in alignment and hold my ribcage up. energy wise, i started feeling like jello after thread the needle and had to really pull it together to have decent form the last ten minutes.

i really love this workout. sure, i am so biased because i know the creator and have been doing it since i was thirteen, but more so i've spoken with hundreds of women of all fitness levels who obtained the most amazing results. personally, this workout has increased my awareness of my body down to muscles i never knew i had, awareness of what i ingest and put on my body, knowledge of how to detoxify and allow the body to rebuild itself, and the most significant lesson that you have to take the path of resistance, that uphill never ending heart wrenching battle,  and push yourself until you reach a, and push  continuing on until you achieve what you want.

its not even about losing weight.....its about determining how long i'm going to live in the future by committing to my health today.